Revision: What I was called to do

So, I've finished my first year of Law School and recently started my second year. 

Recently I've found myself sitting and thinking "this is where I'm meant to be, this is it, this is my place." It warms my heart and makes me feel so proud thinking of the things I've accomplished for myself in such a short amount of time; and it was for no one else but me. Yes, everything I do is always to glorify God, and to make my parents and other friends and family members proud, BUT, this past year has also been majorly for me. 

This year has shown me what I'm made of, and that my world was not so closed off and confined to the handful of things that I thought I was capable of. This year has shown me that the world is my oyster, literally. I can now dream, and work to fulfill those dreams. 

Now, I am not constrained by my fears that held me back so many times before. Law school and living on my own has taught me that if I ever want to live my dreams, I have to get out of my comfort zone and try anything and everything under the sun. No longer am I concerned about not being good enough, looking stupid in front of others, or the big one: FAILING. 

By taking a HUGE leap of faith in applying to law school getting accepted and moving to a new city, I accomplished the first step of conquering those fears; and that was only the start. 

Beginning my first year, I was still closed off at the thought of trying new things, and I was definitely intimidated by others around me; like any other reasonable person would be, it's scary!!! I looked around and met so many students who had legal backgrounds, or majored in Pre-Law, Political Science, or History; and I, a previously aspiring "doctor", "Photographer", and art major among a sea of people who knew their whole lives that they wanted to be in the legal field. I am definitely not knocking my past, I think thats why it so perfectly led me to where I am today (it's definitely a God thing). But, my past experience is not normally how one gets to law school. I had no idea or a dream in this world that I would ever be in law school one day, or a future attorney at that! This is why God makes mothers, or other people in your life who always know you better than you do. My mom is one of the biggest gifts God has ever given me. She has led me, taught me, inspired me, and pushed me to where I am today. My senior year of undergrad, which was actually my second victory lap, was one of changes and concern for the future. I was preparing for my Senior Art Exhibition and graduation, and yet I still had no idea what I was going to do after graduation. This is where my mom comes in, she always knew me better than I knew myself and she always thought that I would be an attorney; I always told her emphatically, no. But, she urged me to take a leap of faith, apply, take the February LSAT and see what happens from there. I did exactly that. At the time, I was also applying to a variety of medical programs, because I still believed I belonged in the medical field. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! But, I am so glad now, that I was wrong. Little tip, Moms are always right, at least in my case they are!

I was accepted to Charleston School of Law that spring. I was still unsure whether this path was the one I should take. I was offered admission through the Conditional Acceptance Program, which is a two week summer program to assess whether or not a person is fit for law school and it's rigors. If a person does well in the program they are fully admitted into the law school. This is where I took another leap of faith. I completed the program, and a couple of weeks later I found out that I was accepted as a full-time student! 

Starting orientation was a scary/stressful thing! It was a week long and it was definitely a ton of work, but after taking the summer program, I was excited and ready for everything that was thrown at me. Once classes started there were a variety of opportunities offered to us as 1Ls and it seemed like there was a new deadline every day. But, these opportunities and deadlines were where I finally fully, jumped out of my shell and applied for every opportunity I was qualified for, and it turned out that I was blessed with the gift of being able to accept a lot of those opportunities! Some of those opportunities are Charleston Law Review, the MUSC Presidential Scholars Program and the Honor Council. If it weren't for conquering my fears, I would not be in the place that I am in today! 

Moral of the story is, APPLY, DO, TRY, JUMP, LEAP, and RUN towards anything and everything that could further your future and help you to grow into the person you were meant to be! Don't let fear stop you, I was this person. I let fear stop me at every turn. But, now I see that fear only hurt me and stopped my growth. There is nothing that can harm you in ignoring your fears, you only gain!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." -Joshua 1:9